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Picture of Thomas Leavitt, founder of 880 IT Services Thanks for checking us out. That's me, Thomas Leavitt, founder of 880 IT Services. I've been using and administering Unix and Unix like systems (aka Linux and BSD derivatives) since the early 1990's and I'm well into my third decade at it. I'm also comfortable operating and administering Windows OS desktops and servers, as well as Mac OS servers and end user systems, and have extensive experience with VMware vSphere (since 3.5) and other virtualization platforms. See my LinkedIn profile for an list of my current clients and details of my past experience, and well as favorable testimonials.

I'm currently engaged as a part-time consultant (among other activities) to a kiosk manufacturer deploying on Linux in Fremont, CA, as well as startups, SMEs, and small businesses across the state of California and elsewhere. While my clients keep me busy at the moment, I have time available to service new clients or for short-term projects, and the flexibility to address urgent needs, so I encourage you to contact me. My company also has several other highly experienced and capable 1099 contractors with Windows and/or Linux expertise available or soon to be available to serve your needs.

Other Consultants

Donald Wilson, an experienced Linux systems engineer with specialized expertise in computer/network security and forensics, is available for project work and ongoing commitments through 880 IT Services. Don has over two decades of experience in information technology and Unix/Linux systems administration, as well as HTTP, SMTP, LDAP, DHCP, Samba and database servers, and has also worked with Cisco routers, switches and PIX/ASA firewalls. He has worked on a contract basis for a variety of 880 IT Services clients over the past decade plus.